A new event gives us the opportunity to start from the beginning, building the event to meet new environmental goals.

To combat this:

  • All caterers must use degradable packaging i.e. paper, cardboard, bamboo and wooden knives, forks & spoons.
  • Produce traders will not be allowed to use plastic bags.

The above will be enforced and be part of the booking conditions.


If you are travelling by car, please make sure you fill up with passengers. The parking fees are per car, and there is limited space, so it makes sense to car share!

Waste Management

There will be a waste management plan in action with separate collection bins for recycling and general waste. This is to reduce the total amount of waste going to landfill and to maximise the amount we can recycle.

  • Please use our recycling bins. It is not okay to drop litter on the ground. Help us by placing your waste into the correct recycling bins.
  • Please only use what you need. If every Festival-goer used four napkins instead of one, there would be an extra 30,000 napkins wasted unnecessarily.
  • Please bring a reusable water bottle. These can be filled for free at one of the water points.